The Guild


We're into creating collaborations between artists from all areas across the biosphere, from the OG's to the new and undiscovered gems. From creating the first and largest record setting collaborations in the CryptoArt and NFT space to finely tuning smaller scale creative collaborations where everyone is represented and their skills and expression are exhibited, we're all about fostering community, sustainability and education both in the real world and beyond the metaverse. The proceeds of each artwork are distributed according to our distribution chart with the majority going to the individual artists.

We are firm believers in circular economies and each of the talented and wonderful artists within our organization are advocates of creating real world change within their communities. We are futurists, agents of change, parents, activists, punks, developers, artists but most importantly...we are a global family. A lot of people tend to throw the word community around, we have it written into our dna.

Beyond Borders

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Artworks showcasing the different artists of The Guild, with varied styles combined to create truly unique 1/1s. Two artworks created by The Guild are ‘The Year of the 0x’ and ‘Alicia in Technoland’. And individual artworks created by the following artists of The Guild:

Shinji Akhirah - Focus
Mehak Jain - Fragrance
Ytje Veenstra - Out of the woods
Okin - Masked
The Perfesser - now_showing: [LIVΞ TRASH] 🗑️🔥 
Luvrworldwide - SEED OF LIFE 
AR Moxarra - GM JPEGS 
Airco Caravan - Thinking inside the box

There are no NFTs in this gallery yet.